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Traditional artisanry survives only when traditional artisans thrive. In order for that to happen, a jolt of attention-getting design is often required. Our product development and design are rooted in solid market knowledge by hiring successful, trend-forward designers from the U.S. and European home décor, gift, and fashion accessories industries. Our product development aims to blend global market needs with traditional techniques and indigenous motifs. Product design and development should inspire new possibilities for creative artisan exploration that adds value to their handmade traditions. Through innovation, craft can rise above subsistence into a satisfying and profitable business.

Technical Production

Our design consultants develop creative solutions to streamline challenges such as raw material preparation, appropriate technology, environmentally sound production methods, and quality control. Producing a sellable product is simply the first step. Producing a product that can be produced again and again with consistent quality, affordable costs, care to the planet, and to the health and well being of artisans is the full recipe for lasting success. We bring in environmental experts to consult on specific issues such as natural dyes, lead-free glazes, and eco-effective processes.

Design Mentoring

Our design consultants mentor local designers in-person and long-distance to provide market perspective to these in-country creative visionaries. When design consultants work side-by-side in an artisan’s workshop accompanied by a local designer, their exchange of ideas is invaluable. The exposure of local designers to international market trends is critical to local business sustainability. It allows artisans to be inspired to innovate, design, and produce new products that keep their businesses viable.

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Product Development